Frank T. Smith, Photographer


Frank T. Smith, a self-taught photographer with a lifelong passion for the art,
discovered his love for photography at an early age. Specializing in outdoor and
architectural photography, Frank has traveled on global journeys to capture the
essence of remote locations, documenting both the people and their cultures, often
supporting philanthropic causes.

As a proud member of the OM Ambassador program, affiliated with OM System
(formerly Olympus), Frank utilizes the OM-1 and the OM-1 Mk II as his preferred
cameras. When not venturing into distant locations, he explores local landscapes
and seeks out unique architectural and urban decay sites for his photography.
Beyond his photography endeavors, Frank generously shares his time and expertise
through in-person and online forums, delivering engaging presentations to diverse
audiences nationwide. Recognized for his gift of communication and passionate
approach, he inspires others through workshops, classes, and mentoring. Frank also
serves as a judge for camera clubs and photography events, aiming to foster
creativity and reveal the unnoticed.

In addition to his photography, Frank has been creating a series of videos
showcasing his photo shoots and providing insights into the details of each shot,
accessible on his YouTube page.

Widely respected in the commercial architectural photography community, Frank
collaborates with developers, architects, engineers, and owners to capture the
essence of their projects. His work has been featured in various media, marketing
campaigns, print, exhibits, and philanthropic awareness initiatives.
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