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20170610-_6100691-Edit-Edit St Louis Testimonial20170610-_6100691-Edit-Edit St Louis Testimonial "I loved working with Frank in Madison, WI. He has that charisma with a bright photographic eye. Frank showed how he can stop and analyze a scene in a different way while checking other scenes around. I really felt like Frank was there to help everyone with their pictures, taking the time to answer questions. Frank Smith is an passionate visionary photographer who has refined his skill set. He has a great rapport with people when things are busy he alway shows a smile. I can't wait to work with Frank again. Thanks so much."

Tim - The Camera Company - Madison



"Frank Smith presented a program recently for the Palmerton Camera Club titled “In my Backyard.”  He defined backyard to include the neighborhood, locations nearby, and some within a few hours’ drive. Many of the locations were familiar to most of us, however, Frank’s unique perspective opened up new photographic opportunities in the things we see every day.  By showing us several images throughout a shoot and the final image, he showed us the evolution of an idea through to the end product.   Frank encouraged us to evaluate the whole scene and look for nuances that might add to the final image.  An engaging speaker, Frank introduced himself to all the club members individually prior to the presentation and was very approachable for comment during and after the show.  This program highlighted the beauty and interest of this area and encouraged us to see our “home” through a “photographic eye.”"

Karen - Palmerton Camera Club 




"Frank T. Smith cultivates superior educational experiences for our customers. We (Dan's Camera) have been working with Frank for many years because of his gregarious personality, his ability to adapt how he communicates complex information to students to relate to them on their individual levels, and his knowledge of and passion for creating wonderful images.

Frank's portfolio covers a diverse range of topics and techniques providing numerous opportunities for Dan's to offer classes, seminars and workshops."

Mike - Dan's Camera City



Cathedral basilica - St LouisCathedral basilica - St Louis

"Over the past several years we (Creve Coeur Camera) have had several events and photo walks with Frank.We have come to realize that he is not only a great photographer, but a wonderful person.  His skills easily translate to our customer base regardless of the brand of camera they shoot.

His easy to understand presentations are relatable in the field. Many of our customers have commented that they have instituted some of his photographic ideas in their own photography.  They actually state “Frank has made me a better photographer”.

Personally as the owner of Creve Coeur Camera I have also enjoyed his company during many of these events and photo walks.  I consider Frank a great photographer and friend."

Stephen - Creve Coeur Camera


"Thank you so much for the Raw Travel, presentation you gave at B&H. I absolutely love your style of photography. You are a true master of composition and your work resonates with me. I was so happy to see that you describe your portfolio as "diverse". I have been hearing so much about how we need to find our niche and stick to it and develop it and master it. But, I somewhat disagree, to a point. It felt like an opposing heartbeat when I heard this. I just love to shoot. Anything.  Anyhow just a quick thank you to you again. You have allowed me to follow my heart, and I'm so grateful."

Heather - B & H Photo


20160816-_8161419-Edit testimonial20160816-_8161419-Edit testimonial

"Frank Smith is beyond great! Not only is he a very skilled photographer but he is also a genuinely great man. Working with Frank was awesome. He captured all of the shots we needed with ease and a flexible schedule and taught me some very valuable photography lessons along the way. As a young working photographer, these lessons will forever change the way I shoot and look at the landscape of the world. For anyone in need of top-notch architecture photography, Frank Smith is your best bet."

Dave Meyers Art Director at City Center Allentown



We continue to reach out to Frank because of his skill and passion as a philanthropic photojournalist and avid traveler who has experienced many parts of the world, and also because of his reputation as an exceptionally personable individual. The preparation, quality, and content of Frank's presentations not only exceed the expectations of our attendees.  Frank explains his own key elements of composition and design, and how he tries to break any preconceived ideas regarding his photographic subjects. He strives to capture photos "in the moment,"; seeking different vantage points and perspectives.  Frank takes the time to introduce himself and converse with attendees before his presentations, as well as to answer questions with audience members at the conclusion of his remarks.  Greater Norristown Art League is very grateful to have been introduced to Frank Smith, and we look forward to a continued relationship with him."

Carol Salter, Greater Norristown Art League



Frank Smith spoke to The Photography Club of Cape May in June about his love of Architecture. We who, in this National Historic Sight, pride ourselves in the beauty and charm and preservation of our Historic Victorian buildings and porches. His creative approach and use of a variety of lenses opened up a whole new direction for us to take in our effort to capture the historic architecture of our charming town.  He challenged us to think creatively, see differently, move around to catch unusual angles and light. He also is such a nice person, it encouraged everyone to take a risk and try something new.  What a special moment for Southern New Jersey. A most sincere thank you, Frank, for an inspiring afternoon!

Dorothy Rogers - President, Photography Club of Cape May