Abstract Photography


People often think of a photograph as a moment in time, a memory - something specific- a baby, a wedding, landscape, sports etc. Often times when Frank is on a photo shoot he sees beyond the bigger picture and is captivated by some of the details.
Frank will see the 12 X 12 panel of rust on a train car versus the image of the train car itself. Or maybe a portion of a chandelier light that creates an entirely different visual. Some of the abstracts Sometimes I don’t see the abstract until I am studying a portion of the image on my computer.

Frank is often looking for the reflections or a picture within a picture. Many people only see the big picture. Looking for the details allows, Frank to creatively capture textures, details and elements that often are overlooked.

There are several key elements in photographing abstracts including: reflections, light & shadows, curves and texture. Frank has learned to move around from one location to the next and is amazed at the photographing opportunities he finds. Frank describes the abstracts as something he wasn’t looking for and their uniqueness create the image. Click here to contact Frank about this talk.







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