Cuba - A Moment in Time


Photography is about capturing a moment in time; seeing something through a lens that may change or be gone in an instant. Cuba is unique. Here is a place where time, in essence, has stood still.

Cuba was on top of Frank’s bucket list for some time. His goal was to see it before it changed. Frank’s timing of his trip was perfect as he was fortunate enough to travel there in December, 2014, and amazingly, while he was there, the US & Cuba committed to re-establish diplomatic ties. Timing is everything and photographing Cuba at this time is a perfect example.

Cuba is a myriad of artistic, social and sensual pleasures. The people are warm, the environment amazing and the architecture is stunning. The photographic opportunities in Cuba are unparalleled. Frank said the challenge in Cuba was deciding what not to

Frank’s photos of Cuba come from walking the streets. He describes photographing Cuba truly as a walk back in time, where the clock had stood still, relative to all that we know and experience here in the U.S. From ballet to boxing, Frank had the opportunity to photograph the arts, not in a performance setting but, in their practice venues. Frank says Cuba is truly an area that is a gift to photographers and he was thankful that his timing was perfect and the opportunity to capture Cuba at this specific time before much of it will change was a gift. Click here to contact Frank about this talk.


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