Nordic Travels

Join Frank Smith as he shares his various journeys in the Nordic Region capturing the color, the sky, the depth of the landscape and the overall culture. There are many amazing aspects of photographing in the Nordic region including the vibrant landscapes, being at the core of the arctic circle, colorful night skies - aurora borealis - aka the northern lights and the ever-changing environment.

Frank will share how he plans a trip to the Nordic region including anticipating extreme weather complimented by amazing light. Temperatures during Frank’s visit to the region ranged from minus 20 degrees to just above 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

The scenery in the area is ever-changing and super dynamic. The colors of the region complimented by the skies makes for great photographic opportunities. The vastness of the landscapes is a photographic opportunity and timed with the lighting creates a magical time to shoot. Click here to contact Frank about this talk.



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