Outdoor Playground - My Backyard

Frank views the term “backyard” not literally but more where he can photograph within a short distance from home. When he is not traveling, he has a regular routine of Saturday morning walks/ hikes, often with his dog Bo. These walks may be the same
each week but the photographic opportunity changes regularly.

Seasons change, lighting changes and so does the photographic opportunity. When photographing in his backyard, Frank typically has a game plan in mind as to what / where he will shoot but is also flexible and prepared to shift in a moment's notice.

Some photos take time - waiting for the perfect light or position. Others take recognizing the opportunity. This is where being open minded and ready to shoot pays off.

Frank’s presentation will share how he takes the opportunity in the moment to capture something that he may not have been looking for - but happy he found. A sunset or water droplets on a blade of grass can create the most pleasing imagery. If you are not outdoors or if you don’t stop and look around, you will miss all that nature has to offer. Click here to contact Frank about this talk.



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