Raw Travel

Journey with Frank Smith, an Olympus Visionary as he shares experiences and tips about his raw travel and philanthropic photojournalistic photography. He will be covering global themes in remote and unique areas around the globe. Frank has taken his camera to areas most would never venture; helping to capture and tell stories through his photographs.

Frank witnessed the South Sudan birth of a nation and also journeyed to Mumbai where he worked to capture the trafficking of women. Frank also spent time in Haiti telling the story of disabled orphans.

Additionally, as an avid international traveler, Frank’s travels have included Africa, Atacama, Bhutan, Central America, Cuba, Haiti, Iceland, Mongolia,Morocco and Norway. Frank has also had the opportunity over the past decade to travel and photograph all corners of India. His work from India includes major festivals such as Kumbh Mela where he witnessed the largest gathering of human mass in the world - a gathering of over 30 million people migrating to worship along the Ganges River. Other photos include the Taj Mahal at sunrise and the markets in Kashmir.

Frank’s travel bag is not intimidating allowing him access to many areas that would otherwise preclude large bulky equipment. He is a strong proponent of the Olympus micro four thirds system for its portability and its exceptional quality. Click here to contact Frank about this talk.


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