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Frank's programs are captivating, educational and fun. Frank's passion about photography and experience as an Olympus Visionary appeals to a wide audience. He regularly addresses the following groups.


Frank is available to speak to your group. Choose from a variety of topics listed below or if you have an idea you'd like to hear him speak about get in touch and tell him what you'd like to hear!  Click here to see some testimonials from groups Frank has spoken for. To contact Frank about speaking at an event send him an e-mail at [email protected]


Featured Talks and Workshops


Architecture & the art of graphic elements 

As an outdoor enthusiast, one of Frank’s favorite subject matters is architecture. Frank provides a very unique perspective through his lens of buildings - both old and new and is artful in his ability to capture the lines and details that are often missed by the common passerby.  Frank also, through various in-camera techniques is able to highlight the sky & other details through live composite creating a dynamic image. 

From his hometown with the old Bethlehem Steel Plant to inside penitentiaries and other urban decay projects, Frank has a portfolio of  buildings as they were in a place in time.  He also has the ability to see what others do not in highlighting the graphic elements that would otherwise be missed.  

Frank will share a view from his lens and also talk through his processing of the images.   Enjoy this architectural journey with Frank T. Smith. Click here to contact Frank about this talk!



 Nordic Travels

Join Frank Smith as he shares his various journeys in the Nordic Region capturing the color, the sky, the depth of the landscape and the overall culture.  There are many amazing aspects of photographing in the Nordic region including the vibrant landscapes, being at the core of the arctic circle, colorful night skies -  aurora borealis -  aka the northern lights and the ever changing environment. 

Frank will share how he plans a trip to the Nordic region including anticipating extreme weather complimented by amazing light.  Temperatures during Frank’s visit to the region ranged from minus 20 degrees to just above 20 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The scenery in the area is ever changing and super dynamic.  The colors of the region complimented by the skies makes for great photographic opportunities.  The vastness of the landscapes is a photographic opportunity and timed with the lighting creates a magical time to shoot. Click here to contact Frank about this talk!



 India- A Land of Diverse Cultural Contrasts

Frank is an experienced international  photographer who has traveled the world- but none more than India. For the past decade and a half he has traveled to all 4 corners of this photographically rich South Asian country. 

From festivals to culture Frank continues to be drawn to photograph all parts of India.  With his first experience in Kashmir, Frank is captivated by the vibrancy of the colors, the culture and the environment. 

India is a country rich on festivals and Frank has been to many to tell the story through his images.  Travel with Frank as he takes us on an enchanting journey through this incredibly diverse and culturally rich country. It will become obvious why Frank continues to return to India time and time again. Click here to contact Frank about this talk!



 The Art of Photographing People There is more to it than saying “Cheese”

Frank is fascinated by people everywhere he goes.  As an outgoing individual, Frank loves to engage with and then photograph people.  However, not everyone wants their picture taken and it is also considered taboo in some cultures - but Frank has managed to overcome the challenge!

Photographing people is not the true art, the true art is convincing people to let Frank photograph them.  Just like in any photograph, lighting is key and sometimes it takes a little persuasion and some kind words to get just the right shot.  

As an Olympus shooter Frank finds that many of the benefits of the system is its size.  The micro four-thirds system is much less intimidating then some of the other cameras and it allows Frank to get up close to people.  

Frank looks to capture the culture and tell a story based on the images he takes.  He has been fortunate to photograph people all over the world and with each image the story may be slightly different.  

Frank will share his learned skill at defusing resistance, creating the shot, generating interest and sharing the image with the individual. Click here to contact Frank about this talk!


20141219-_C190518-220141219-_C190518-2 Cuba – A Moment in Time

Photography is about capturing a moment in time; seeing something through a lens that may change or be gone in an instant.  Cuba is unique.  Here is a place where time, in essence, has stood still.

Cuba was on top of Frank’s bucket list for some time.  His goal was to see it before it changed.  Frank’s timing of his trip was perfect as he was fortunate enough to travel there in December, 2014 and amazingly, while he was there, the US & committed to reestablish diplomatic ties. Timing is everything and photographing Cuba at this time is a perfect example.

Cuba is a myriad of artistic, social and sensual pleasures. The people are warm, the environment amazing and the architecture is stunning.  The photographic opportunities in Cuba are unparalleled.  Frank said the challenge in Cuba was deciding what not to photograph!

Frank’s photos of Cuba come from walking the streets.  He describes photographing Cuba truly as a walk back in time, where the clock had stood still, relative to all that we know and experience here in the U.S. From ballet to boxing, Frank had the opportunity to photograph the arts, not in a performance setting but, in their practice venues.  

Frank says Cuba is truly an area that is a gift to photographers and he was thankful that that his timing was perfect and the opportunity to capture Cuba  at this specific time before much of it will change was a gift. Click here to contact Frank about this talk!



Global Landscapes 

Nature photography is a broad term and photographer Frank Smith shares with us many different elements and aspects from his raw travel abroad capturing nature.   An outdoor enthusiast, Frank has traveled around the globe with a keen focus on landscapes in every climate and will share insights on timing, lighting and travel prep that will make you want to pack your bags!  

Nature photography requires patience to stop and pause over and over again as the tiniest elements of a scene can change in an instant.  Frank will share with us his techniques and imagery from his many photo journeys.  

Frank enjoys the remote areas of the various places around the globe he has visited.  He knows to capture the shots it is often means early rising and late to bed. Sunrises and sunsets create a dynamic that you cannot see during the daytime hours. Click here to contact Frank about this talk!



Outdoor Playground - My Backyard

Frank views the term “backyard” not literally but more where he can photograph within a short distance from home.  When he is not traveling, he has a regular routine of Saturday morning walks/ hikes, often with his dog Bo. These walks may be the same each week but the photographic opportunity changes regularly.  

Seasons change, lighting changes and so does the photographic opportunity.  When photographing in his backyard, Frank typically has a game plan in mind as to what / where he will shoot but is also flexible and prepared to shift in a moments notice.  

Some photos take time - waiting for the perfect light or position. Others take recognizing the opportunity.  This is where being open minded and ready to shoot pays off.  

Frank’s presentation will share how he takes the opportunity in the moment to capture something that he may not have been looking for - but happy he found.  A sunset or water droplets on a blade of grass can create the most pleasing imagery.  If you are not outdoors or if you don’t stop and look around, you will miss all that nature has to offer. Click here to contact Frank about this talk!



Raw Travel

Journey with Frank Smith, an Olympus Visionary as he shares experiences and tips about his raw travel and philanthropic photojournalistic photography.  He will be covering global themes in remote and unique areas around the globe. Frank has taken his camera to areas most would never venture; helping to capture and tell stories through his photographs.  

Frank witnessed the South Sudan birth of a nation and also journeyed to Mumbai where he worked to capture the trafficking of women. Frank also spent time in Haiti telling the story of disabled orphans.  

Additionally, as an avid international traveler, Frank’s travels have included Africa, Atacama, Bhutan, Central America, Cuba, Haiti, Iceland, Mongolia,Morocco and Norway. Frank has also had the opportunity over the past decade to travel and photograph all corners of India.  His work from India includes major festivals such as Kumbh Mela where he witnessed the largest gathering of human mass in the world - a gathering of over 30 million people migrating to worship along the Ganges River. Other photos include the Taj Mahal at sunrise and the markets in Kashmir.  

Frank’s travel bag is not intimidating allowing him access to many areas that would otherwise preclude large bulky equipment.  He is a strong proponent of the Olympus micro four thirds system for its portability and its exceptional quality. Click here to contact Frank about this talk!



olympus_v207040bu040_om_d_e_m5_mark_ii_1533558063_1428541olympus_v207040bu040_om_d_e_m5_mark_ii_1533558063_1428541 Hidden Gems and Power of the Olympus System

Join Frank Smith, Olympus Visionary, as he takes us on a journey through the hidden gems and the revolutionary technologies of the Olympus OM-D mirrorless camera system.    The game changing technology will provide you with enhanced levels of confidence & creative freedom you have not had before.

Frank will guide us through the menu of the many built in features, modes, functions and settings of the OM-D system including:

  • Focus Stacking/Bracketing
  • Pro-capture (up to 60 frames per second)
  • Live-composite
  • High Res  (80 mega pixel images)
  • 5 Axis Image Stabilization
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range)  JPG/RAW (both automatic & manual set up options)
  • 4K Video / time lapses

Frank will demonstrate and share imagery from the use of these features and the professional level of capturing images by knowing how to maximize the technology.  The Olympus OM-D system has tremendous capacity and power built in to the mirrorless system and is also a top go - to system for many professional photographers based on the light weight construction and advanced technology. Click here to contact Frank about this talk!



Light Perfected

Journey with Frank Smith as he shares about his experiences traveling and photographing in remote and unique areas around the globe. As an avid traveler Frank uses the term “light perfected” in two ways.  First as an Olympus Visionary he looks at “Light Perfected” as the ability to pack light and be nimble with the Olympus system. Because of the system he can pack lighter and can also be “less intimidating” when trying to shoot sensitive subjects.  

Frank also looks at light from getting the best shot.  The sun and clouds move quickly and light is critical to maximizing the image he hopes to capture.  Being patient and willing to re-assess his options are important factors in getting the best shot especially when shooting at a certain location for a limited period of time. 

As a philanthropic photojournalist, Frank has taken his camera to areas most would never venture; helping to capture and tell stories through his photographs.  Additionally he has traveled and photographed many parts of India.  These include festivals of over 30 million people migrating to worship along the Ganges River; the Taj Mahal at sunrise and the markets in Kashmir.  Recent travels also include Bhutan, Atacama, Cuba, Mongolia, Central America and Morocco. Click here to contact Frank about this talk!



 Abstract Photography

People often think of a photograph as a moment in time, a memory - something specific-  a baby, a wedding, landscape, sports etc.  Often times when Frank is on a photo shoot he sees beyond the bigger picture and is captivated by some of the details.  Frank will see the 12 X 12 panel of rust on a train car versus the image of the train car itself. Or maybe a portion of a chandelier light that creates an entirely different visual.  Some of the abstracts Sometimes I don’t see the abstract until I am studying a portion of the image on my computer.  

Frank is often looking for the reflections or a picture within a picture.  Many people only see the big picture.  Looking for the details allows, Frank to creatively capture textures, details and elements that often are overlooked.  

There are several key elements in photographing abstracts including:  reflections, light & shadows, curves and texture.  Frank has learned to move around from one location to the next and is amazed at the photographing opportunities he finds.  Frank describes the abstracts as something he wasn’t looking for and their uniqueness create the image. Click here to contact Frank about this talk!



Photo Walks

Frank specializes in hosting unique photo walks for photography clubs, groups or camera stores throughout the United States and Internationally. Explore your own home town from the incredible perspective of an accomplished photographer and Olympus visionary. Click here to contact Frank about booking a photo walk!


If you are interested in having Frank speak at your next event send an email to [email protected]




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